A Christmas Carol. ( Scrooge )

Ok I am working on a " Christmas Carol " theme for my next sculpt,
I am not sure if it will incorporate The Ghost of Jacob Marley or the Three Ghosts of Christmas Past, present and future.
I have Scrooge almost finished, he is fimo clay on a wire armature.
I have made most of his joints moveable so as to pose him in different positions.
I will update as things evolve.
I say evolve, because never ever has a sculpt turned out exactly as I first envisioned.
The little folk take on their own character as they emerge out of the clay, i sometimes feel like I am just a tool to make them materialise haha!
Well here is what I have so far.

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  1. Hi Rita
    Thanks for the message on bath Bomb Creation Secret Santa - hope you enter the raffle! Hope the sculpt goes well!