Already Christmas 2016

Its Christmas! my most favorite time of the year. Crafting like crazy and loving it.
So what have I got to show as yet ? Well firstly I crochet some Robins. Mr & Mrs. take a peek ...

Then came a glitter painting that has me on a mission. I gave the painting to my Granddaughter as I have now envisioned 3 or 4 paintings in a row of a snowy scene, with Deer squirrels and Father Christmas flying in the sky. 
So here's the painting that started it all...

I will update when project is complete 
I have also sculpted a baby for a plastic bauble for my Great Granddaughters first Christmas, Photo not good but will take better ones in daylight tomorrow.

Crochet Angel Cherubs

Well as the wonderful time draws ever near,
So it begins !
More and more into crochet lately so !,
 here is what I have made.
This Cherub was ever so popular on a Facebook Crochet group, and I was asked many times for the pattern.
So I am in the process of writing how I made it down for a pattern. This is proving difficult as I never use patterns so cant read them :(
However I am going to persevere and will post it here when complete.
Fingers crossed LOL !

Christmas Fairy House

While sorting my Dad's crafting stash, I found an old template of a Pixie money box he used to make from plywood many years ago. Inspired I couldn't wait to set to with my own take on the house.
Having no plywood, I decided to use strong cardboard.
Here's the fruit of my labour friends, what do you think ?

Crochet Angel

Yikes almost that most wonderful time of the year again folks.
Just a bit of food shopping and wrapping gifts and I am all ready to celebrate yeah !!!
A few photos of my makes this year.
Crochet first.
I crochet some white Angels for a local fund raiser, also lot of hats for my seven Granddaughters.

Clay & Crochet again ( SnowFlake doll )

I sculpted this doll with White Fimo clay and dressed her with a white crochet dress in a stitch I have used for many baby coats. It was a nice change to do a little one for a doll.
This ghostly looking doll is made jointed at her shoulders, elbows, hips & knees, so as to be poseable.

Hope you like her friends.

Paperclip & Crochet Christmas decos.

I saw an idea of crocheting ice skates on a Paperclip on the Pintrest site.
Heres my version of them.
Hope you like them.

OOAK Fairy Snow Queen

I know its long past Christmas but.......
I never got around to posting any photos of my Snow Queen :(
So here she is in all her glory.

I made her arms poseable for a change of look.